Usability requirements are not always testable & cannot be measured accurately. Classic non-testable requirement: "System must be user-friendly." But think about this – User friendly to whom? Who are the users?

Suggested Approaches for Usability Testing:

1. Qualitative & Quantitative
2. Qualitative Approach:

Qualitative Approach

* Each and every function should available from all the pages of the site.
* User should able to submit each and every request with in 4-5 actions.
* Confirmation message should be displayed for each and every submit.

Quantitative Approach:

* Heuristic Checklist should be prepared with all the general test cases that fall under the classification of checking.
* This generic test cases should be given to 10 different people and ask to execute the system to mark the pass/fail status.
* The average of 10 different people should be considered as the final result.

Example: Some people may feel system is more users friendly, If the submit is button on the left side of the screen. At the same time some other may feel its better if the submit button is placed on the right side