Rational Functional Tester enables you to configure your applications for testing, so you can start an application under a test within Rational Functional Tester. This method is simple to configure and does not require knowledge of the scripting language used in Rational Functional Tester. This is the best practice because it makes playing back the tests more reliable.

You configure the application for testing by opening the Application Configuration Tool. This is performed either from Rational Functional Tester by clicking Configure > Configure Applications for Testing, or by clicking the Edit button in the Start Application dialog box.

When the Application Configuration Tool is opened, as shown in below Figure, click the Add button. The Add Application dialog box opens. Here, you add the application configuration, so when you start recording against your application under a test, Rational Functional Tester can open the application during recording.

The Application Configuration Tool

There are four different types of applications that can be added, as shown in below figure:
  • Java Application— You need to browse to a .class or .jar file type.
  • HTML Application— You need to browse to either Local or URL. If it is Local, you need to browse to an .html or .htm file. If it is URL, you need to specify a URL address.
  • Executable or Batch File— You need to browse to any executable or batch file.
  • SAP Application— You need to select SAP executable from the drop-down list. You can also browse to the SAP shortcut file with the .sal or .sap extension. You must have SAPGUI installed in your computer to be able to select SAP Application.

Add an application