Today's employers want test professionals - not test dummies. There are unique skills of testers who are highly sought by employers to make the testing process more efficient and effective. See the checklist for a cross section of skills to get a professional test

✚ know the best places to find bugs and defects and improved methods to discover their
✚ know how to test the priorities given the risks
✚ Develop test strategies to test the balance with the needs of budget management and commitment
Apply testing methodologies, processes and analytical techniques
✚ who have skills in basic techniques using test (egscripting VB / Perl file / batch), the fundamentals of SQL, MS Office tools for data collection and reporting
✚ understand test automation tools and frameworks such as the advantages, disadvantages and the adoption process
Learn the techniques and audit
✚ issues include non-functional tests, such as loading and performance, availability, failover / recovery, compatibility, usability and security
✚ manage projects and coordinate testing
✚ build a team to test and promote the culture of an effective test team
✚ gather metrics and measurements to evaluate the test effectiveness and product quality, and communication mechanisms to inform management
✚ Know approaches to improve the testing process.

Not everyone in the team needs to have all these skills - indeed, it may be quite rare to live in all areas. However, there should be a strategy to ensure that the team can be assembled with a diversified profile of these skills. If you are an employer, to take account of these skills in describing the position of the tester. If workers are deficient in some of these areas, ask yourself the cost of your projects, and plan a strategy to increase the capacity of the existing team and / or seeking additional staff. If you're a tester, do a quick check to see if you have these skills and experience in these areas. If someone is absent, to develop a strategy to increase basic skills - you reap the rewards.

Other comments: It is possible that Certified Software Testing professionals with unique expertise in test management, test automation and performance testing load / can increase their employment prospects and income. Certification is required, the reason is - ". 'Companies to convince their customers by saying that we have certified professionals to test software, we offer a high quality product" "needs of customers who require only individuals certified in their project or

Certification for more information contact CSTP "Dr Kelvin Ross, who is the coordinator for the CSTP program. E-mail: