There are many good reasons to start automation. But sometimes - Enterprise test automation begin with enthusiasm but end up with manual testing only. Here are 5 mistakes that management may make during the implementation of automation:

1. "Test automation is the answer to the problems of the test." Management says "We have so many tests and so little time, we will use the test automation. It will solve our problems. "

However, it is not true. Implementation / design scripts automation tool can take 3 times 100 times longer than the implementation of manual test scripts. So if your project is critical and final stage, so using automation testing might not be a good idea.

2. "Development of automation scripts (or test process automation) can not be started because the application is not yet stable. Developers are still under development application. "

It is not true. Phases of test automation and software development processes are almost identical. Automation itself is a process of development. Once the initial development activities at the same time planning to test automation should be started. Development of scripts can be started earlier. You can access the software (which is under construction) of the development team and start preparing for automation scripts. You can help document low-level design.

3. "Now our team has a test automation tool. They will develop tests more efficiently. "

Automated tests development is development code. Are you sure, your test team is trained in this area? At least there should be a programmer in the team. Training must be given to the automation team, so they better test design.

4. Management (with test manager): ". A sales manager demonstrated an automation tool for us and it seems that the tool will add value to our tests, we think we should the buy. "

Seller gives demonstration at which the application? Is it you or is it the request of the seller himself? Tool is the same technology on which your application is developed? How much programming is needed to develop tests? (Note - this is directly linked to the skills of persons and the return on investment). Consider costs to automate testing.

Involve automation experts / architects test while buying any automation tool.

5. "It has been three months and we have not seen any progress so far."

How testers are involved in automation? Are they 100% allocated to automation?

Sometimes a single expert in automation is allocated to the project. Management thought to automate fewer resources are needed. However, it is not always true. In addition, the automation team must be 100% dedicated to the automation project only. They should not be shared with other projects.

In the latter, remember - A fool with a tool is still a fool. ~ By Anne Mette Jonassen Hass (AST Guide)