1) You cannot expand ...... actions from the test flow
A) reusable
B) non-reusable
C) both A & B
D) None

2) You can associate shared object repositories with
...... actions simultaneously, using the Associate
Repositories dialog box
A) seven
B) Two
C) Three
D) Multiple

3) You can associate ....... object repositories with
an action, and the same object repository can be
associated with different actions as needed
A) Nine
B) Twenty one
C) as many as you need
D) Twelve

4) Sometimes you may want to call an action from
within an action. This is called .......
A) Reusability
B) Nesting
C) Sharing
D) None

5) If a reusable action is called more than once in a
test and you split the action into two independent
actions, each call to the action within the test will be
followed by a call to the new (reusable) action. If a
reusable action is called from another test, however,
...... it may cause the calling test to fail.
A) Nesting
B) Splitting
C) Reusing
D) Both A & C

6) You must use the ...... Action option in QuickTest
if you want to save an action under another name.
A) Resave
B) Rename
C) Reuse
D) Split

7) When you remove an external action, you remove all
calls and the action from the action list. The original
action is also affected.
A) True
B) False

8) You can also press ...... to open the Rename Action
dialog box
A) Shift + F2
B) Shift + F3
C) Shift + F4
D) Shift + F5

9) If you want to include one or more statements in
every new action in your test, you can create an ....
A) reusable action
B) split action
C) Function
D) action template

11) Only the file name ...... is recognized as an
action template
A) ActionTemplate.mst
B) Action_Template.mst
C) Action-Template.mst
D) ActionTemplates.mst


1) a 2) d 3) c 4) b 5) b 6) b 7) b 8) a 9) d 11) a