Test Results Analysis with New reporting capabilities

QuickTest 10.0 includes a powerful set of new reporting options to help you analyze and manage your running results in more thorough and effective. These include:

* Jump to step. When you want to know more about a particular node in the Test Results window, right click it and select Go to Step QuickTest. The main QuickTest window comes into focus and the cursor moves to the relevant level. For more information, see Access a step.

* Test results export to Microsoft Word or PDF. Besides HTML, you can now choose to save your HP Quicktest Professional results either in Microsoft Word or PDF. You can then share this information and all data from local system monitoring with your developers and test teams performance. For more information, see Exporting test results.

* New Image Reporting Options:

* Add images in the QTP Results. When you use the method Reporter.ReportEvent to add information to results of the execution, you can now specify an image file as the fourth argument. When you view the results, the image is displayed in the Result Details tab of the Test Results window. For example, you can include an image returned by a step CaptureBitmap in the results of execution. For more information, see ReportEvent method in the Utilities section.

* See bitmaps differences in QTP Bitmap checkpoints. In addition to expected bitmap images and the actual bitmap images being displayed in the Test Results window, you can also choose to see the differences between the two. The difference is a bitmap image in black and white that contains the image of a black pixel for each pixel that is different between the two images. For more information, see Analyzing QTP Bitmap Checkpoint results.

* Include images in exported and printing of test results. When you select the Full Details option to print or export the document now includes all the images. These include screenshots of steps, expected, actual, and bitmaps difference for bitmap checkpoints, and the images sent to run results using the method ReportEvent. For more information, see Printing test results.

* Additional Details in Quality Center. The results for run tests and components that are executed as part of a HP Quality Center test series now includes the Quality Center server and project name.