The QuickTest Asset comparison tool lets you compare two versions of an asset QuickTest particular, as a test function library, shared object repository, or recovery scenario. For example, testing baselines or shared projects may use different versions of the same resource. You can use the comparison tool to ensure that each test is to use the correct version of its resources.

The QuickTest Asset comparison tool compares each element of assets in the hierarchical view. The tool also allows you to refine to see a comparison of assets associated with the asset. For example, by comparing two versions of a test, a comparison that may indicate that two library functions, a recovery scenario, and some action steps has evolved between the two versions. You can then refine to see a comparison of two versions of one of these items.

The QuickTest Asset Viewer is very similar to the Asset Comparison Tool, but is used to view the data for a single version of a HP QTP asset.