Versioning *. In earlier of HP QTP and HP Quality Center, few options version control are available if your Quality Center server had the Version Control Add-ins, who worked with tools from third-party version control for the audit of release. However, version control is fully integrated with Quality Center and the site administrator can enable the version control on a per project basis.

When QTP is connected to a Quality Center project with the support of version control, you can check in any QTP asset or into or out of the version control database.

Baselining *. In Quality Center, a project administrator can create baselines that provide "snapshots" of a project at different stages of development. In the Management module Libraries-tab, the administrator first creates a library, which specifies the root folder from which to import the data. The administrator then creates the actual base line, which includes the last check in versions of all assets included in the library. The administrator can also import data reference and share all other projects Quality Center.

When a project reaches a milestone in the life cycle of the project, the administrator can create a new baseline of library files there.

In HP Quality Center, these baselines can be viewed and compared in their entirety. In QuickTest, you can view, extract, or compare different assets recorded in any standard reference library. This allows you to consider an asset as it appeared at a particular stage of the timeline of the project.

Please Note:

Baselines are supported in HP Quality Center 10.00 Enterprise and Premier editions only. They are not supported in HP Quality Center Starter edition.