Rational Functional Tester v8.0 introduces a new feature that enables you to configure object recognition properties. This feature uses the Object Properties Configuration Tool to configure the object recognition properties in the customized object library. While recording test scripts, the customized object library file is used as a reference for setting object recognition properties and the property weights in the object map.

Object Properties Configuration Tool lists the default objects and the customized objects that are used by Rational Functional Tester, as shown in below Figure. If the required test object of the application under test is not listed in the Object Properties Configuration Tool, you can add the test object to the object library and customize its recognition properties and weights.

Object Properties Configuration Tool

You can use the Add Object dialog box to add the recognition properties for the existing test objects that are listed in the Object Properties Configuration Tool.

You need to select Test domain from the list, and then click Add Object. This opens a new dialog box to add a new test object for the selected domain. There are two options for adding the test object: you can manually specify the test object name and have it inherit the recognition properties from other test objects or you can select the test object using the Object Finder tool, as shown in below Figure.

Add Object