It is possible to detect differences between what you see in the current application build and the expected result by playing back a test script. To start playback of a script, click the Run Functional Test Script button in the menu or right-click a specific test script, and then select Run. You are prompted to specify a log file name, as shown in below Figure.

The define log window

You can define the name of a test log in the Select Log window. After selecting Finish, the execution begins. Because Rational Functional Tester uses a mouse and keyboard, it is impossible to do work in parallel during execution, or lock the computer.

The progress of the playback can be followed on a screen, and anomalies can be noted. In the playback monitor, you can see which statement Rational Functional Tester executes. Normally, Rational Functional Tester waits for objects to display or to become active.

When the execution ends, Rational Functional Tester returns to its normal state and shows a log file. If the HTML log type is selected, the web browser displays the execution log file. Again, assume that you have default settings active for Rational Functional Tester.
View Results

This section discusses the analysis of the log file in the HTML variant, which is the default setting. After execution of a test script, the browser shows a log file. You can also double-click a log file in Rational Functional Tester to view it. HTML log file shows you three types of information:
  • Failures
  • Warnings
  • Verification Points
You can select any of these options to quickly show you more detail in the main window, as shown in below Figure.

An example of a log file in HTML format

In the case of a failing verification point, you can view the difference between the expected and actual by activating the Verification Point Comparator as shown in below Figure and by selecting View Results of each verification point.

Verification Point Comparator

When a verification point fails, you can view the differences between expected and actual. The baseline can be updated. With the Verification Point Comparator, you can update the baseline with the Replace Baseline with actual result option. It is also possible to start the Verification Point Comparator directly from the logs in Rational Functional Tester.