The driving force behind every successful software is the process in order to achieve the same and it is the responsibility of each key person on the project work, to do their best in achieving the same thing. Similarly, the testing phase of SDLC keeps its meaning with the help of his testers, because they play an important role in creating an effective test. Their role in life cycle tests can not be ignored to bring a superior product to product. Some of the key roles that must be guaranteed by a tester, to guarantee delivery of products to be played as follows.
  • The days are gone when a tester kept waiting for the development phase is completed, can be developed so that the application of the analysis performed. Now, the tester is playing an important role in every phase of the SDLC.
  • The tests should play a key role in reviewing and validating the specification document, if it is in line with customer needs to play.
  • The same applies to the design phase as well as all of these validations will contribute to a test plan and test cases to the highest standards.
  • Defects must exist if all phases of the SDLC be reported immediately to prevent the execution to the next stages, which be a great loss to society, in terms of revenue and reputation.
  • Its role extends also be recorded on the achievement of the core activities of the tests from the implementation of the asset test for the identification of errors in the application and report to the developer or by e-mail or in a specific tool for bug tracking.
  • The job of the tester does not just stop by a bug in the bug-tracking tool, it needs to ensure it is resolved by the developer in accordance with customer requirements. This requires effective communication with the developer to obtain the correct time.
  • Be one of the main tester expanded its role and investigate in order to create test assets from junior testers, so no requirements are overlooked, however small or large.
The tester plays an important role in achieving the accuracy SDLC activities described for the reason as above. His contribution to bringing a quality product is to be enjoyable.