Performance testing

It is performed to evaluate the performance of individual system components in a specific situation. It is very broad term. It includes: Load Testing, stress testing, capacity testing, volume tests, endurance tests, spike testing, scalability testing and reliability testing etc. This type of testing usually does not succeed or fail. It is mainly done to set the standard and standard of the application against the Concurrence / debit card, the server response time, latency, response time etc. Render In other words, you can say it is technical and formal evaluation of the responsiveness, speed, scalability and stability characteristics.

Load testing

It is a subset of performance tests. She is constantly increasing the load on the test application until it reaches the limit. The main purpose of load testing is to identify the upper limit of the system in terms of database, hardware and network, etc. The common goal of load testing is to define the SLA for the application. Example of load test may be:

Running multiple applications simultaneously on a computer - beginning with an application and then start the second application, then third, and so on.Now see the performance of your computer.

Endurance test is also part of the load tests to calculate metrics such as Mean Time Between Failure and mean time to failure.

Load testing helps to determine:

  • Flow
  • The charge of peak production
  • Adequacy of H / W environment
  • Requirements for load balancing
  • Application How many users can manipulate the results with optimal performance
  • How many users can manipulate the material with the best performance results
Stress testing

It is done to evaluate the behavior of the application beyond the normal load conditions or advanced. These are essentially test the functionality of the application under heavy loads. Normally they are related to timing issues, memory leaks or race conditions etc. Some experts also call for testing such as fatigue tests. Sometimes it becomes difficult to set up a controlled environment before running the test. Example of stress test is as follows:

A banking application may take a maximum user load of 20,000 concurrent users. Increase the load to 21000 and make some transactions such as deposits or withdrawals. Once you have made the transaction, database, application server will synchronize with ATM banking database server. Now, check with the responsibility of the user of the 21000 does sync happened successfully. Now repeat the same test with 22 million concurrent users and so on.

Spike test is also part of the stress tests that is run when the application is loaded with heavy weights repeatedly and increase beyond the production operations of short duration.

Stress Testing can help to determine:
  • Errors in the slowness and expense of the user peak
  • All security loop holes with loads more
  • How does the material with loads more
  • Problems with data corruption charges over