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In our previous article, we have discussed Software Testing Types.

For many projects (though not all) the system is eventually released into the live environment. Hopefully, once deployed, it will be in service as long as intended, perhaps for years or decades.

During this deployment, it may become necessary to change the system. Changes may be due to:

  • Additional features being required.
  • The system being migrated to a new operating platform.
  • The system being retired—data may need to be migrated or archived.
  • Planned upgrade to COTS-based systems.
  • New faults being found requiring fixing (these can be ‘hot fixes’).
Once changes have been made to the system, they will need to be tested (retesting), and it also will be necessary to conduct regression testing to ensure that the rest of the system has not been adversely affected by the changes. Testing that takes place on a system which is in operation in the live environment is called maintenance testing.

When changes are made to migrate from one platform to another, the system should also be tested in its new environment. When migration includes data being transferred in from another application, then conversion testing also becomes necessary.

As we have suggested, all changes must be tested, and, ideally, all of the system should be subject to regression testing. In practice, this may not be feasible or cost-effective. An understanding of the parts of the system that could be affected by the changes could reduce the amount of regression testing required. Working this out is termed impact analysis, i.e. analyzing the impact of the changes on the system.

Impact analysis can be difficult for a system that has already been released. This is because the specifications may be out of date (or non-existent), and/or the original development team may have moved on to other projects, or left the organization altogether.

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To see all articles of ISTQB-ISEB Foundation guide, see here:

Software Testing-ISTQB ISEB Foundation Guide